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About us

Partners in both life and business, we're a team of two with a real passion for making videos.

Eddie is the film-making extraordinaire you'll find behind the camera and editing station, Emily is under the headphones in the sound department and doing everything behind-the-scenes to make sure the business runs smoothly! 

Our dream is to one day be making feature films together, and we're using video production for businesses and weddings to develop our skills and creativity to help get us there. Every booking is a step closer to our dream, so thank you in advance for being a part of it.



Mum's Garage

They are a really fantastic business that help ambitious people start and grow companies. We absolutely support their mission and vision and therefore offer all Mum's Garage members a 10% discount on all our business video packages so we can help entrepreneurs reach their goals utilising the power of video content. 





our backgrounds

Emily Bradley recording audio for a film / video

Co-Founder, Producer & Sound Recordist

Emily Bradley

I've always been obsessed with film, enjoying anything that makes me connect and feel a certain way, whether I'm at the edge of my seat rooting for the hero to run that little bit faster, or hugging a pillow crying because the protagonist's dog just died! It wasn't until University that I discovered the joy in creating these films myself. 

I studied Games Design and Animation within a BA Digital Arts Degree in my hometown of Carlisle, which sits at the top of the Lake District in NW England. I made a lot of friends doing TV and Film Production, and loved helping them with their films, which led me to quickly realise I'd picked the wrong course! Saying this, Games Design and Animation was also super interesting so I completed my degree, learning as much as I could in the areas that would help in film projects, and at the same time, learnt how to produce films and record audio in my friends films - so really I got the best of both worlds! I met Ed at our part-time work in the local cinema in 2012, who was also on the TV and Film course, and we've been making movies together ever since.

Fast forward 5 years and we've both moved and received our residency in New Zealand. We absolutely love it here, mostly because of the diverse and friendly people, and the absolutely amazing landscape. After spending the past two years here gaining experience in multiple areas (incl. sales, digital marketing, event management and operations), and Ed getting to work full-time editing and filming super successful business leaders from NZ and the US, we were ready to start our new adventure of our own video production business... and by gosh do we love it! We learn something new and interesting in every project, and have met some truly wonderful people, and at the same time, we're always growing creatively and improving our skills. Our dream is to make feature films and it feels fantastic to be actively on that journey together. 


Eddie Marriott

I'd love to say that I've been making films since I was a child on an old Super 8 camera, but unfortunately I cannot. Growing up in a small northern fishing town in England, I'd always loved movies and the emotional connection that a good video can have but it wasn't until my early twenties that I finally realised, why not pursue this as a career.

Up until then I was just trying find my place in the world, including a short stint in the British Army, and backpacking around Australia and Europe. It was after the latter that it suddenly became so obvious what I wanted to do: become a filmmaker. I was never one for a classroom so I enrolled and completed a home-course in screenplay writing, gaining a diploma at the end of it. This only made my determination greater! I sucked up my fear of tertiary education and applied for 'Film & Television Production' courses at multiple universities. Four years later, I had a BA (Honours) degree, the practical knowledge needed to make compelling videos, and a short film showcased in a London exhibition that I'm not ashamed to boast about.

During my time in university, I also gained something far better then any of the above, my partner in life and business, Emily. Always ones for adventure, we decided to leave England and explore new shores, spending a few months travelling around Southeast Asia before ending up in New Zealand. Since then, we've fallen in love with the country, secured our residency, and gained a couple more years of filmmaking experience under our belts.

We're now on to our next adventure, which is running our own video production business, and I can't wait to find out where this takes us!

Eddie Marriott filming with a camera for a short film / video

Co-Founder, Director & Videographer