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We're living in an exciting and sometimes scary era of digital marketing! Social video now generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined (source: SmallBizTrends). Not only that, algorithms are changing... video posts on Facebook now have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts (source: Social Media Today).

Ok let's now put social media to one side... including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80% (source: Unbounce), video in an email leads to 200-300% increase in click-through rates (source: Hubspot). 

Video is a super successful marketing tool, but hey if you're here then you must think so too. So let's talk about how we can help...

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tell your story with a

promotional video


a bit more info

These are one of the most requested videos from us, and that's because they're great for making your audience connect with who you are and what you do. The businesses that are remembered are the ones that take the time to make you care. These usually take a day or two to film, and two to three days to edit. You don't need to worry about having the full idea to book in, we can help create that for you. Just tell us what you're trying to achieve, who you're targeting it to and what message you'd like to convey - we'll do the rest! 

Cost: From $2,500 NZD + GST


possible uses

  • On the homepage of your website to engage and show who you are and what you do

  • Pinned to the top of your social media pages to give your brand some personality

  • To show your story to the world and make you more memorable

  • To explain your product or service

  • To showcase your work and give it some glory

  • Show off your business and culture to attract new employees

  • Show your production process

  • Use it at trade shows to help stop people in their tracks


"You are an amazing and professional team, and I am so delighted with the video and I can see the huge amount of time and effort this has taken to do. I am very grateful and really happy."
Dr Andrea Copplestone, Parnell Dentistry - August 2018



JAzz up your Website homepage and facebook banners with a

Company showreel


a bit more info

These are a simpler version of our promotional videos (shown above) to show off your product or service, except they have no scripts or talking. For no extra cost we'll also make an additional version to fit your Facebook banners too! This cost is based on one filming location but we are completely happy to add on seperate events, locations etc to showcase your full services if that's what you need, but we would add a slight additional cost to cover the extra time filming. Contact us to chat more about it :)

Cost: From $1,500 NZD + GST


possible uses

  • For your home page to capture attention

  • For your Facebook banner

  • For your workplace to display on a TV screen

  • Instagram (or other social platforms) for ads

  • To send clients to showcase some of your services


"It is always a pleasure to work with Ed and Emily. They have made a few videos for us as promotion for our company Rocket Events. They always listen careful to our needs and ask questions we never even thought of. The end result is always perfect leaving us smiling and proud to get those videos out everywhere we can!"
Madeleine Collins, Rocket Events - July 2018



engage your viewers with

straight-to-camera videos

straight-to-camera showreel.jpg

a bit more info

These are relatively simple to create and super effective. Believe it or not, humans are hardwired to avoid cognitive strain, so why not portray your message in the medium that majority of people naturally enjoy to consume. We can also add graphics to emphasise key learnings or information that you want the viewed to retain. What's more, mobile devices love video and are by far the most popular way that we consume content now, so put your brand in the palm of their hands! 

Cost: From $1,000 NZD + GST


Possible uses

  • Testimonials to give credibility and trust to your product or service

  • Training videos for a more cost effective way to train new staff

  • Updates or promotions for your audience/customers/consumers

  • Programmes, courses and online content

  • Meet the team - help them connect with videos that show personality

  • Empower your leaders to educate your audience

  • Blog in the style your audience craves

  • Thank your customers


"I've had the pleasure of working with Eddie and Emily for over a year now. They film and produce all of our content for Mum's Garage and were behind the camera for the first professional video I ever made. It can be nerve wracking being in front of a camera for the first couple of times, and how you feel has a material impact on how you come across. Eddie and Emily were exceptional at making me feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. They provided excellent feedback throughout the process to ensure that we got the footage we were happy with.

The quality of their equipment and editing capabilities have helped our videos to look better than I'd imagined. Their own knowledge about starting businesses means they can provide input into messaging and they're genuinely great people to be around. This is why we continue to use Roll Camera for our Program, Event, Promotional and Content videos.
Natalie Robinson, Mum's Garage - February 2018



join the latest trend with

bird’s eye view videos


a bit more info

Keep things simple and get rid of the scripts with birds-eye view style videos. Recently businesses have adopted this technique and made it a viral trend, grown popular for it’s fast paced style and straight-to-the point information. It’s very effective for any sort of DIY video, however, it can also be used for how-to explainer videos. We can combine with graphics or leave as just the video, it’s completely up to you. We also have a huge music library so you can have the perfect style that suits your brand. We’re happy to do one-offs but we can do a better deal for you with bulk videos, where we’re able to film multiple on the same day, just get in touch for an accurate quote.

Cost: From $1,500 NZD + GST


Possible uses

  • How to videos to clearly show a process or explain a system

  • Training videos for a more cost effective way to train new staff

  • Blogs / Social to illustrate your points in a more modern engaging way



increase your audience with an

event video

Event showreel thumb.jpg

a bit more info

So you're running an event, you've got some amazing speakers and the audience are really engaging and asking really inquisitive questions, why not capture the learnings for your guests to hold onto after. Let them market your event and brand for you, sharing captured insights with their colleagues and friends. Alternatively, why not sell the content to the wider masses for anyone that couldn't attend the event? Or maybe you'd like us to capture not just the speakers, but the atmosphere and networking to use for advertising your next event? Or to show your investors/shareholders the money was well spent! We're here to help, send us a message and we can grab a coffee!

Cost: From $2,000 NZD + GST


possible uses

  • For your event guests to take away to easily refer to the learnings

  • For monetary purposes, sell your event content to the wider masses

  • To help advertise your next event, increase the buzz!

  • Event recap footage - showcasing the best bits

  • To share with your sponsors

  • Have us capture an interview of experts and spread the reach