Video production for businesses and weddings

latest promotional videos

these are Often used on a website home page or pinned to the top of your social media pages

Show me your debits chartered accountants

Titirangi IPL Studio

Under Armour and Torpedo7 staff day, testing gear

NZ Ethnic Football Festival (Event)

Parnell Dentistry

Mum’s GArage - lean coffee (event)


latest company showreels

Often used for Facebook Banner videos, or a web background where sound isn’t necessary

Rocket Events (team-building events)

Mum's Garage (helping people build startups)

roll camera (video production) - our own!


latest Straight-to-camera videos

Used to share news, knowledge or to send a message, the best way to engage your social media audience

tania carr, director of The recruitment hub, explaining who they are and what they do

TINSEL introducing the Natural Living channel, presented by the experts at hello sweetheart

Monthly update for the Mum’s garage community

a brief belief video (part of a larger social media series)


testimonials for an online programme ran by mum’s garage


latest birds eye view videos

A relatively new trend that immediately stops most from scrolling! Used commonly for how-to videos

How to make your own healing balm


how to make your own laundry products


latest event videos

Used to either tell the story of your event or to capture a speaker’s content and share to a wider audience


Telling the story

Telling the story of the AFQY event ran in june 2019

Telling the story

Rocket Events running a Mexican MasterChef Fiesta event

Capturing speaker content

entrepreneurs unleashed - creating a movement (sneak peek)

Capturing speaker content


Capturing speaker content

Entrepreneurs Unleashed - How to Think and Do BIG (Sneak Peek)

Capturing speaker content

Entrepreneurs unleashed - the startup process (sneak peek)


latest wedding videos

capturing your day so you and future generations can relieve those special moments and emotions again and again


Music and audio

Aimee & Jonathan
June 2019, Auckland

Music and audio

Rebecca & John
March 2019, Auckland

With music

Rebecca & Jono
March 2019, Bay of Islands

Music and audio

Rhys & Carrie-Ann
March 2019, New Plymouth

Music and audio

Samantha & Gordon
Feb 2019, Hamilton

With music

Lisa & Charlie
Feb 2019, Auckland

With music

Moira & Sean
feb 2019, ashburton

Music and audio

Rebecca & David
Jan 2019, te kuiti

Music and audio

Chris & Matt
jan 2019, waiheke island

Music and audio

James & Sarah
Jan 2019, Waimauku

With music

Isabella & Ben
DEC 2018, Auckland

Music and audio

Geoff & Megan
June 2018, Gisborne

Music and audio

Shanna-Maree & David
April 2018, Waiuku

With music

nick & amanda
march 2018, puhoi


'just for fun' videos

From the Roll Camera team, of the Roll Camera team. capturing our exploration days… because we can!


day trip doing the Tongariro alpine crossing with friends

taking a day to check out rangitoto for the first time


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