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When will you hear from us next?

Meeting up for a coffee to discuss the wedding video


About a month before your wedding we will be in touch to meet up over a coffee (if it's not possible, at least a call or Skype) so we can get to know you both a little, more about you as a couple and your personalities so we can create a video to suit. We also find it beneficial for you to meet us both first too, so you can feel more comfortable having us there and around you on the day. Additionally, it means we can hatch out a few things to help us plan everything. Here are a few things we'll hope to discuss:

- Your wedding day schedule
- Any items/special things you want captured
- Any special moments planned outside of the ceremony
- The type of music you like
- Your other vendor details such as your photographer / DJ
- Who your additional contacts are that can helps us on the day (to point out family members not to miss etc)
- Any questions for us



We strive to capture candid and authentic moments so we'll be striving to be a fly-on-the wall documenting your day, however from time-to-time, we may ask for assistance with a certain shot i.e. being in a certain area, pouring yourself some champagne etc. 

It would really help if at the start of the day you could introduce us to whoever you nominated as your additional contacts so if we need to know anything, we can initially ask them i.e. who is who / important people to capture from them.  This is so you can stay focused on enjoying your day with your family and friends.

Feel free to ask us things on the day, or point us in certain directions of things you'd like us to capture, we would be more than happy to oblige! If there are any changes with the schedule/timings on the day, please do let us know so we can adjust where we need to be and when too. 

Making these videos is an absolute pleasure and we cannot wait to film your day



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