Wedding video FAQ

Q: Do you travel, what are the costs?

A: Yes, we love to travel for our videos. The package price stays the same, all we ask is that you cover the cost of petrol/flights and accommodation.

We don't need accommodation if your wedding venue is under 90 minutes travel distance however if it is we usually need 2 nights (before and after the wedding). To help keep costs low we search for air b'n'bs.

If travelling by car, we charge $40 per 100km.

Q: will it be intrusive to my guests or day?

A: The camera and audio equipment we bring on the day has been selected especially as they are small yet ultra professional. We strive to stay out of the way as much as possible so we can capture the moments and atmosphere as subtle as possible. From time-to-time, we may have to walk in front of your guests to capture the best shots of certain moments e.g. the first dance, during the ceremony etc.

For additional assurance, this is a fraction of a review from one of our groom's "Their style was not intrusive and because they are such genuine people, our guests felt relaxed being shot allowing for some amazing candid moments." and a fraction from one of our bride's "It was such a pleasure to have them around. They were able to fit in seamlessly.".

Q: do you offer photography?

A: Yes, we recently collaborated with an amazing photographer Emily Grace and her business Dear Grace Weddings. so we can offer a joint package. The benefit of this for you is one singular invoice and business to deal with and assurance your photographers and videographers already have an existing and great relationship and can easily work together to get you the best photos and video of your day. Dear Grace's work is creative, beautiful and highly professional. For other vendor recommendations, please click here.

Q: how does the relationship work between the photographer and videographer?

A: We like to think we’re very easy to get along with, and always enjoy meeting new photographers in our field of work. We establish a positive relationship from the very start to enable us to effectively communicate and work together to make sure we’re both able to get the shots we need, and not in each other's way :)

Q: Is there a booking fee / any other additional fees?

A: No, we're not currently at a size where a booking fee is necessary. We're a two-person team and therefore can keep our costs down for you. The only additional optional fees would be if you chose to add things on to the existing package i.e. audio of the vows/speeches, additional hours, extra USB sticks etc.

Q: do you pick the music?

A: Yes we do, we're subscribed to a massive professional library of music that is constantly being added to. After we've filmed the wedding and know the vibes of the day and the shots we have, it makes it quite easy to pick the right tracks to suit the video. If you do have a certain style of music you'd prefer then of course we would let that influence our choice. Lastly if it's any consolation, we've never done a video for weddings (or businesses) where someone's disliked the music we've picked.

The other benefit about the music we choose is that it's all completely licensed, so you can share your finished video on any platform if you wanted to, with no copyright issues like you would have with famous songs. Using famous songs that you would commonly hear on the radio i.e. Ed Sheeran actually requires licensing which as you can imagine costs a significant amount of money. We are aware that some videographers still use these in their videos but it is actually illegal and they are at risk of being sued unless they've paid for the rights.

Q: can I choose to keep my wedding video private - so you can't use it for marketing purposes?

A: On a case by case basis, this may be ok, but will be an extra fee as every video we make helps us get more wedding videos. By not showcasing our work we can lose potential bookings and therefore money. In saying this we recognise that there are circumstances where privacy is preferable so please reach out and chat to us if this is the case.

Q: how soon after the wedding can I expect my video?

A: Depending on how busy we are and the video package you've selected, your video should usually take between 4-6 weeks as we need time to go through all the footage, edit the pieces together, colour correct and make any final adjustments. During wedding season this can increase to between 12-14 weeks (depending on how busy we are). We will make sure we communicate to you how long this will take, and it's very important to us we keep to our word and give up updates as we approach our deadline to make sure you are totally in the loop.

Q: your packages don't suit what I'm after, are there tailored packages available?

A: Of course. We understand that every single wedding is different and unique, as are cultural aspects to them. If are packages are quite what you're after, please don't hesitate to get in touch via phone/email/facebook and we can create a tailored one for you.

Q: how do I book, how does payment work?

A: Just contact us about your date and package you're after and we can let you know whether the date is free. From there there are two steps to fully confirming - accepting the wedding video agreement and paying your deposit (usually 50% of the package cost).

Q: when do we meet?

A: Optionally prior to your booking in so we can get to know each other and ensure we’re a good fit for your day and also after you are fully booked in, we will get in touch a month before your wedding to arrange a final catch up to go through your schedule to make sure we’re fully prepared for the day.

Q: are there any restrictions with the drone?

A: Yes, unfortunately we can't fly our drone in the rain or in strong winds. We also need to check with the venue for permission as well as any restrictions in the area. A final check is needed on Airshare maps to ensure there’s no official restrictions such as aerodromes or military operated areas. You’re always welcome to check this out yourself too, just type in the address you want to know if we can fly at here. We will always let you know when we've checked all of this too for peace of mind!


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